Below are some of the methods of pollution that posts along with some solutions to each form of pollution. If you see any of the following methods of pollution, take a picture and submit it to the site to be featured (You can get a shout out or choose to be as anonymous as you want).


Plastic Litter

Plastic cups take 50-80 years to decompose.


Reduction solution: Throw it away in the garbage.


Cigarette Litter


Cigarette's are one of the most littered items on the planet.

Reduction solution: Throw them in the garbage rather than throwing them on the ground.


Other Litter

Reduction Solution: Throw it in the garbage.


Recyclables thrown in Trash


Reduction Solution: Make sure to recycle your recyclables.


Second Hand Smoke 


Reduction solution: Don't smoke in no smoking areas & make sure you're not close to someone when smoking.


Car idling


Reduction solution: Use public transportation & make sure you turn your vehicle off if you're not moving within 10 minutes.


Consuming Gas


Reduction solution: Use public transportation or an electric vehicle. 


Drinking From Plastic Water bottles


Reduction solution: Use a re-useable water bottle.


Gas Lawn Mowers/Leaf Blower


Reduction solution: Use an electric powered lawn mower/leaf blower.


Leaving Lights On


Reduction solution: Make sure to turn lights off when they're not necessary. 


Polluting Water


Reduction solution: Be mindful of what you're flushing down your toilet.




Reduction solution: Custom


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Submitting Content

To contribute content, simply take a photo of one of the acts of pollution listed above, post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (preferably with the location on and the hashtag #AmericanPollution included), then upload a photo/screenshot to the site, insert a public link to the photo/post, or email the photo to If you would like a shout out or branded/sponsored message with your post, be sure to insert your message on the submission page and/or include your Instagram or Twitter Username. If you would like to remain anonymous you may do so.